Disagreement over the TV Volume Setting

By Rich Filar

Disagreement over the television setting can be problematic even in families where no one has hearing loss, so it is no great surprise that this is a great issue among families with one or more hearing impaired members. Market research shows that enhancing the television viewing situation was rated the most desired improvement in terms of wireless capabilities.

Many in the hearing healthcare industry predict that overcoming the obstacle of an inconvenient gateway device would represent a breakthrough for the industry and for users.

The ReSound Unite TV Streamer accessory is such a breakthrough- it connects to the audio output of a television or other audio device and transmits the sound directly to the hearing instruments. The hearing instrument program used for audio streaming can have the hearing instrument microphones turned off or on according to whether the user also wants to be able to hear and converse with others while listening to the streamed sound.

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Elder Law & Estate Planning: Can I Save My Home for My Daughter?

Frank Petrich

Julian Gray

By Julian E. Gray and Frank A. Petrich

Three years ago, Mrs. Jones’ daughter, Susan, one of her three children, gave up her job in California & moved back to Pittsburgh to care for both of her parents. Mr. Jones died two years ago and Mrs. Jones’ physical condition has deteriorated to the point that she cannot leave her house by herself.

Mrs. Jones’ intent is to name Susan in her will as recipient of Mrs. Jones’ house to repay Susan for the sacrifices Susan has made in returning home to care for her parents. However, it is becoming clear that Mrs. Jones may have to go to a nursing facility because of her deteriorating physical condition. The question Mrs. Jones wants answered is what she can do to help ensure that Susan can own and live in the family home after Mrs. Jones no longer resides there, either due to her admission to a nursing facility or death.

Yes, parents can leave their home to a child by naming that child as a recipient of the house in the parents’ will. However, if Mrs. Jones were to do so, and prior to her death, needed to enter a nursing facility and have all or a portion of that nursing care paid for by Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance program, the state would make a claim (called “Estate Recovery”) against those assets in Mrs. Jones’ estate being distributed under her will (Mrs. Jones’ probate estate).

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The Last Chapter Documentary

For those whose niche is in eldercare, if you haven’t seen this latest program on WQED-TV, at your convenience you may want to check it out.  For patients with a terminal illness the question becomes: who will write the last chapter?

Fox Learning Systems

We recently came across Fox Learning Systems which was founded in 1997 by CEO and President, Debra Fox. Prior to establishing Fox Learning Systems, Debra was a broadcast journalist. She founded Fox Learning Systems and has dedicated herself and her company to improving the quality of care of the elderly by providing innovative, online education to both professionals and the family caregiver.

Check out several clips from their various award-winning series for your perusal: